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External Corporate Communication Basis for Industry Leadership. Publicado en Mexico Business News

Ludwig Wittgenstein commented in his book Tractatus Logico-Philosopicus that what can't be talked about has to be silenced.

The phrase seems to be a tautology, but Wittgenstein wanted to convey that the vehicle that demonstrates the existence of something is language (and thus communication). And if you can talk about something, that's because it's valuable. If something is worthwhile, in other words, it should be talked about.

Corporate communication seeks to visibly demonstrate a company's life and reputation precisely. Product and brand data are never a substitute for corporate communication but instead serves the company's purpose, focus and style.In a modern world where communication has become a multipresent reality thanks to social networks, the old-fashioned criterion of not drawing too much attention to oneself in order not to have issues does not work. On the other hand, low-profile systemic recourse often seeks to take advantage of all the advantages of communication without really committing to what it means.

Communicating, in all its aspects, is a clear sign of social commitment: visibility, transparency, reputation, empathy and ethics. It also seeks to avoid any situation of crisis that could occur, although this should not be the criterion for motivating communication. Since the fundamental communication criterion is not based on the "just in case" theory, but "because it's the corporate thing to do."

Corporate communication focuses specifically on the information that all stakeholders receive from companies. In public companies, investor information has specific features that safeguard the seriousness of stock exchanges. For private companies, information is a commitment to transparency and to their service to society, a dedication that refers to the beneficiaries of the company, the society it serves and the social causes it serves.

Information is not the same as visibility and neither does it compare to advertising. Information is the truthful and responsible transmission of an organized dataset that constitutes a message that provides those who receive it with

knowledge and value. "In-form" means the communication of certain data with the objective of forming a criterion. This ethical and social commitment cannot be avoided by any business.

Moreover, corporate information, particularly in its industrial and social leadership, provides value to the company in all senses. No big company has ever succeeded in meeting its goals and convincing society by avoiding information. No wonder, one of the considered aspects of a company's purchase or acquisition is its corporate communication.

The first social commitment of any well-constituted company corresponds to information before the search for possible causes to economically support social projects that require it. What would we think of a father who doesn't "inform" his family about what he's doing, what he's deciding, where he's going, who his friends are? How can a team overcome difficulties and capitalize on achievements if its CEO or department head does not share objectives? Without communication, there is no certainty of goals or knowledge about the way forward.

Corporate communication is a commitment that also strengthens reputation.

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